Our Team


Elena & Katia Zakharoff - NIKA owners and directors

  • Elena is an experienced dance teacher and competition adjudicator, with a career spanning since 1976. She specializes in high-level competitive Ballroom dancing for individuals of all ages, as well as the development of young dancers. From 2000 to 2006, Elena served as a member of The Board of Chairmen of the Russian DanceSport Federation. During this time, she also took on the responsibility of organizing or co-organizing various competitions, including the prestigious Russian National Championships in 1995 and 1997. Elena has had the privilege of coaching numerous Russian, US, and European champions and finalists. Many of these talented individuals have been under her guidance since their very first steps in the world of Ballroom dancing. Currently, Elena focuses on coaching active competitors and young pre-ballroom dancers, dedicating her expertise and passion to help them reach their full potential in the dance arena.

  • Katia has been a Latin dance teacher since 1994, with an impressive competitive career spanning over 25 years. She has taken part in about a 1,000 competitions worldwide, establishing herself as a highly accomplished dancer. Katia has achieved remarkable success in her competitive journey, reaching the finals of various prestigious events such as the US National, US, UK, and British Open Professional Rising Star competitions. Additionally, she has been a finalist in the World Cup professional Latin category. Retiring at the pinnacle of her competitive career, Katia ranked an impressive 22nd among all the Professional Latin dancers in the World Ranking list. Her expertise and talent have also led her to contribute to popular TV shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "America's Got Talent" as a choreographer for various performances. Furthermore, Katia has showcased her knowledge and insights in the field of dance through articles published in notable magazines such as "Dance Beat". Presently, Katia dedicates her time to coaching active competitors, sharing her wealth of experience and expertise with aspiring dancers. Additionally, she offers online consultations, extending her guidance and support to dancers beyond geographical limitations.

Please note that all teachers and coaches featured on this page are independent professionals operating out of various studios within our region. It is worth mentioning that each of them has a background as dancers at NIKA Academy and has since achieved recognition both nationally and internationally as performers and coaches for accomplished dancers. As their coaches, we take immense pride in their success and their unwavering dedication to pursuing a professional career in dance. Rest assured, you can expect to receive top-notch instruction from these individuals. To book your lessons, you have the option to directly reach out to them or contact NIKA Academy for alternative methods of communication.

Michael Levenkov

Michael began his dance journey at the young age of 8 and has since become one of the top Professional competitors in our region. In 2018, he achieved great success by placing 10th at the prestigious US National Championships held in Provo, UT alongside his talented partner. Furthermore, Michael's dedication and hard work paid off as he became a World ProAm champion in 2022 with his student.

For those interested in taking private lessons, Michael is more than happy to teach children, youth, and adults. To get in touch with him, please reach out via email HERE

Our Coaches-in-training

Obi Sindora

At the age of 10, Obi began his journey in dance, quickly developing an unwavering dedication to this art form. His passion and talent have propelled him to great heights, as evidenced by his impressive feat of reaching the finals of the US National Adult Novice Latin competition in 2023. Currently, Obi finds himself in his sophomore year of high school, balancing his academic pursuits with his remarkable abilities on the dance floor.

Nadya Becerra

Nadya's journey in dance started at the young age of 6, and she has since emerged as one of the top Junior Solo competitors in WA. Her exceptional skills and dedication have earned her the prestigious title of Emerald Ball winner and the recognition as a Star of Tomorrow 2023.

Being the eldest of three sisters at home, Nadya has developed into a highly reliable and responsible young lady. She consistently goes above and beyond to offer her assistance to our youngest students, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Diana Kaplanyan

Diana, our youngest team member at just 9 years old, is already making waves as the future of coaching. With her impressive achievement of being crowned the US Solo Gold champion in 2023, Diana showcases her exceptional talent and dedication. In addition to her own lessons, Diana willingly lends a helping hand in our Kinder Ballrooms during her breaks, displaying her joyful and selfless nature.