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International Academy of Ballroom and Latin Dance


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Welcome to NIKA Ballroom and Latin Dance Academy (part of The Ballroom, LLC), one of the longest running and the most successful youth Ballroom dance programs in the Pacific NW! We are thrilled to have you as a member of our elite studio.


Whether your goal for enrolling at our Academy is to get out and stay active while learning something new or you dream of something bigger such as participating on a competition team or pursuing a dance education or professional career in dance, we look forward to helping you reach for the stars!


This page is intended to help you navigate the studio with information, policies and procedures as you start your exciting journey!


  • Arrive early. Be dressed and ready to dance right when class begins.


  • Make efficient use of your time. Begin to stretch and warm up as soon as you enter your studio.


  • Observe during the last 5 minutes of class only. Guests in the classroom can be a distraction to the teacher and other students. For parents of competitors attending Saturday rounds classes observation is allowed only during those sessions.


  • Wait to address questions or concerns once class concludes.


  • Use e-mail or Facebook messenger as the preferred method of communication with teachers and directors at NIKA as most teachers have back-to- back classes and families at home.


  • Please make sure to let us know by email or Facebook messenger if you are going to be absent from your lessons or classes as much ahead of time as it is possible. (Telling a teacher isn’t enough because it can easily be forgotten!).


  • Pick children up from NIKA promptly after class or practice session ends.


  • Pay your tuition and fees on time so it doesn’t impact your child.


  • Stay home if you’re too sick to participate in classes so bugs don’t take over the studio.


  • Keep us informed of any updates to your email address or cell phone number so we can keep you in the loop. Join our Facebook groups for parents of young kids and for all dancers. And regularly contact your coaches with any questions you may have.


  • Check with your coach for the appropriate attire for ballroom classes including the required leotard, tights, shoes, and tanks.


  • Let us know if you or your dancer has any special needs or concerns. We can get you in touch with your teacher or if necessary, refer you to a director, manager, or owner.


  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!




Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before a scheduled class or lesson begins. For classes that end at studio closing, please arrive on time to pick up your children so members of our staff aren’t kept waiting. Outside of this policy, NIKA will charge $20 per hour for students who are left unattended at the studio.



Members of our Academy will participate in a number of local, regional, national and international competitions throughout the year. Showcases, workshops and master classes are also offered to provide dancers with the opportunity to fine-tune their skills, learn from well- known instructors and work with professional dancers and choreographers.The exact number of competitions and showcases required of your child per year will be determined and announced by Academy directors. Please keep in mind that participation in competitions and show performances is a very significant part of dancers' development.



Ballroom dancing requires a special attire for competitions and classes. Competition attire is regulated by the rules of a Dance Federation it is being organized by according to the dancer's age and level. For classes we require a neat look. Leotards, skirts, leggings or special practice ballroom dresses for girls and shirts and khakis for boys. Black color is preferred. Special dance shoes are required. Please contact your coach before buying shoes as this is a very important part.



To register for classes, you will be asked to fill out a registration form, indicating the name, age and contacts for you and your dancer, as well emergency contacts.



At NIKA Academy we offer year-round programs, we only close at Christmas time and around New Year.



Master teachers and well-known instructors are periodically invited to NIKA Academy to hold masterclasses and workshops. These are offered outside of the regular class schedule and are available for a per-class charge that is in addition to your regular tuition. Master classes and workshops will be announced in advance. Students should sign up in advance and only if the class was offered to them. If the class was not offered to your child, it means it is too early for their age and level.



Tuition is due on the first class of each month with a late fee of $15 if paid after that date. We recommend using checks or PayPal services. Overpaid accounts are applied forward towards future upcoming fees.



As a “full-spectrum competitive ballroom” studio, NIKA Academy helps students develop the skills they need to fully train as young competitors. Beyond the traditional ballroom dance education offered at other studios, our weekly schedule includes stretching and conditioning classes ranging in age and skill level all 12 months of the year. In addition to classes for children ages 4-18, we offer adult lessons and classes for individuals looking to continue their skills beyond the age of 18. Contact our directors or visit our website for a complete class listing.



Due to students distraction we request that parents do not enter the ballroom while class is in session. During allowed observation times please turn off cell phone and other devices sound, avoid loud conversations, keep young non-dancing siblings in sight (ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING FOR THEM THROUGH THE DANCE FLOOR!), please do not walk through the middle of the floor in street shoes, do not bring any food or drinks (except for water in closed containers) into the ballroom, do not try to help your child during the class by tapping, clapping, giving hints and advises. Presence of parents and other people in the room during dance learning process can be very challenging for dancers, so please limit your interactions only to emergency situations.



We encourage all of our NIKA Academy family to foster a positive environment for our students. Please share in this responsibility whether you are a parent, student, teacher or director. Avoid gossip and drama. Be supportive. Address concerns directly. Get involved!



All our teachers and directors offer private lessons. While social dancers can enjoy the benefits of private instruction from time to time if needed, it becomes an essential learning tool for competitive ballroom dancers, together with technique classes, competitive rounds classes, self-practice, conditioning and stretching. Lessons are scheduled according to the age and level of competitors.



Students will have several opportunities each year to showcase their skills and accomplishments. Each showcase and performance may have its own rules regarding costuming and tickets. Please make sure you have all information you may need ahead of time.



We love your kids, but we don’t love their germs. If your child is feeling under the weather and could be contagious, please take the day off and stay home. Contact your teachers and/or director to keep them informed. We do not offer make up sessions, but a part of your payment will be credited towards next month's fee.



There are several fees you may incur in addition to your monthly tuition. Monthly tuition - Covers weekly scheduled classes and instruction. Determined by the number of hours your dancer is enrolled per week. Master Classes and Workshops - Master Classes with popular teachers and outside choreographers are often available to dancers at NIKA Dance Academy. Information including the cost of an upcoming Master Class will be announced in advance. All fees for Master Classes must be paid in advance. Recital and Showcase tickets - Tickets are required for all friends and family members attending Academy Showcases and recitals. The price of the ticket helps to offset the cost of facili ty rent; sound, music and lighting; insurance; and outside wages.